Medway Valley Properties


Medway Hills

Current Owner:Peter & Junette Molineux


Medway Hills, found in the Medway Valley, is farmed by Peter and Junette Molineux along with one of their sons, Richard.



Current Owner:Grant and Kelly Allan


Grant and Kelly Allan are now the third generation of the Allan family to farm Corleggy as a high country block with sheep and cattle in the Medway Valley


Weld's Hill

Current Owner:Godfrey & Laurene Checkley


Weld's Hill is owned by Godfrey and Laurene Checkley who run an area as a irrigated fattening unit along with a vineyard



Current Owner:Stronsay Farms Ltd


Stronsay, farmed by Mark and Heidi Smith is found at the end of the Medway Valley Road. They have been on the property since 2007.


Glen Orkney

Current Owner:Simon & Lynda Harvey


Glen Orkney is farmed by Simon and Lynda Harvey who have also diversified by opening a three day walking track on the property for interested hikers and visitors to the region.