This site showcases stories about properties in
New Zealand's Awatere Valley, of Marlborough.


The idea of recording the history of the area was first mooted in 1965 when the members of the Awatere Valley Branch of Women's Division of Federated Farmers entered a competition: do a project on your district. They gathered information and photographs about their valley and published a book titled Awatere Valley Today and Yesterday.

That book was so successful that in 1987 the women of the Awatere Valley Branch of Women's Division of Federated Farmers decided that they should update the information and consequently published the 2nd edition of Awatere Valley Today and Yesterday. That edition contained a factual account of the farming of each property and the story of the township of Seddon from early European settlement until 1987.

That was such a successful publication that the profits from its sale were invested and the Awatere Valley Book Scholarship that is awarded annually for Tertiary Students from the area was established and continues to be awarded.

It is again time to update the information. All the original information, along with the newly collated information is now published on this website.

The information and photographs are gathered by members of the local Rural Women New Zealand branch from the people on the various properties in the Awatere Valley, from Molesworth down to the Dashwood.

Families who have lived and worked in the valley throughout the years will have an interest in reading both the background information and keeping themselves up to date with the current information about the many properties in the valley community.

Medway Valley

Upper Valley

Lower Valley