Current Owners: Grant and Kelly Allan

Area (ha): 2118

This is a 2118ha originally leasehold but now freehold (since 1977) property which was owned by Mr Brian R Allan from 1974 -and from 1983 in a partnership with his wife, Rowena S Allan. In July 2008 ownership was passed to Brian and Rowena's son, Grant who is in partnership with his wife Kelly R Allan. Brian's father, Mr W D Dick Allan took up the holding in August 1952 following a rehabilitation ballot. Mr Allan Senr was formerly with Mr Johnstone of Mt Torlesse, Canterbury.

Corleggy is still run as a hill/ high country block with the intention now to change over to medium combing Merinos. Up until about 1983 the flock was Halfbred - since then Merino rams have been used. Currently, in 2009, 4000 merino sheep are run with an 18.5 micron fleece average. Angus/ Hereford cows are run, calves are sold in the autumn with only the replacement heifer calves being retained.

From 1952 onwards a lot of internal roading was completed on Corleggy so that by 1965 all but one block could be reached by landrover. Brian Allan, during the last 25 years has erected approx 30km permanent fences and four permanent sets of sheepyards. Today the farm is split into 26 hill blocks and 28 paddocks.

Corleggy was formerly part of Medway Hills - from 1909 until 1920 when Mr Dent and partners sold it, then 2145 ha to Messrs Leslie & Victor Jermyn of Valley View who named it after and old Jermyn home in Northern Ireland. Later, Victor Jermyn moved to another occupation and Leslie (who had been travelling back and forth from the old home) went to live at Corleggy. He, however, sold the holding to the Government in 1949 and for the next three years various managers looked after the property. The area was slightly different owing to adjustments made when the holding was made leasehold. Prior to 1909 Corleggy was part of Upton Downs in the hands of the Asset Realisation Board.

The first Corleggy homestead was built by Wm Carr about 1921 for 600 pounds, the Jermyns living in tents until it was completed. Mr W D Allan altered the house extensively in 1951 and built a number of outbuildings. New single men's accommodation was built in 1978 and the homestead re-roofed and re-piled in 1985, also a tennis court was built on the front lawn. The woolshed has also been updated in recent years.

The bridge nearby over the Medway (completed in Feb 1960) meant better access to the property. Electric power reached the area in Feb 1962.


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