Glen Orkney

Current Owners: Simon & Lynda Harvey

Area (ha): 1219

This is a 1219ha freehold property running up to 1413m owned by S R H (Simon) Harvey and his wife Lynda M Harvey since 1984. From 1967 - 1984 the holding was owned by Simon's parents, John and Denise Harvey.

The Harveys have gradually changed the flock from Halfbred to Merinos (replacements retained). Simon and Lynda continue to farm Merino sheep and Angus cattle. The fleece wool is contracted to Icebreaker and Smartwool for use in skin, leisure and sports wear.

Four areas of regenerating native bush have been fenced on the property and convenanted under the QE2 Trust as a result of the Significant Natural Areas survey commissioned by the Marlborough District Council.

In 2008 a 23km three day walking track was opened on Glen Orkney. The track is open from mid November to mid May giving walkers the opportunity to enjoy this special part of New Zealand and gain an insight into high country farming in Marlborough.

A herd of breeding cows is carried and young stock finished off on the property. A small flock of goats (Cashmere) was commenced on a trial basis. Rape and turnips and hay (both Lucerne and meadow) are used for supplementary feed.

Glen Orkney was owned in 1938 - 1967 by Mr David Cummings (in partnership with his brother Sinclair from 1924 - 1938). In 1938 Glen Orkney was cut up. Sinclair Cummings took over a 707ha block which he called Stronsay. Mr J W Cummings, the Cummings brothers' father, took over the holding originally just short of 1926ha and covered in manuka, from the Assets Realisation Board in 1908 and for many years the Cummings were the only original settlers on what was the old Upton Downs run. Before farming in the Medway area Mr Cummings Senior operated the Jordan Accommodation House and prior to that managed Upcot for the Greens.

The homestead (built by Mr Berry and his son of Bythell and Co) was built in 1917. Previously the Cummings lived in a small cottage (later used as shearers' quarters and by Simon and Lynda Harvey when first married. The woolshed was built about 1918. Electric power came to Glen Orkney in 1962.

Through the years Glen Orkney has benefited greatly from improvements to the Medway Road, including the bridge over the Medway in 1960.

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